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elizakura May 16th, 2009 07:29 AM

Linux User - HELP!!!
My name is Elizabeth and I own a Linux computer and currently am using Limewire 5. I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!! Shortly after realizing that is sucks, I wanted to uninstall it. But there is only one problem . . . I DON'T KNOW HOW!!!! :bangh:

Any help here? :sos:

- Very pissed off User

File_Girl71 May 16th, 2009 08:04 AM

Hmmm,Iam not a linux system user....But i will try to help you out enny way as i can!If you go on your pc desktop,it would have LimeWire icon right!And click on it so it become highlighted and gentel put your pc mouse cursor on it...It should say where the LimeWire is installed,now follow that path to you find LimeWire folder where LimeWire is installed in!Enter/open that folder and you should see the uninstaller or it named uninstal...Doubbel click on it and answare yes to uninstall it...Then i will belive your LimeWire will be uninstalled with out enny problem!I hope this will help you out!If not send a pm to Lord of the Rings or birdy so they can help you out!:rolleyes_2:

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