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KathW May 8th, 2004 06:11 AM

This new version of Shareaza improves compatibility with eMule v0.42 and has other network improvements.

It is recommended that anyone using or, upgrade to this version.

Along with this version we'd like to announce the Shareaza wiki. It is comprehensive guide to Shareaza, and we'd like to invite the forum regulars to contribute their knowledge to the wiki.

Changelog (since
  • Incorrectly displaying "..was lost" messages when a connection could not be established in the first place.
  • The "keep-alive ping" Shareaza transmits was tripping the timeout counter and thus never allowing connections to timeout.
  • In some circumstances (but not others), Shareaza could request fragments of the file which cross the boundary between BitTorrent "pieces".
  • Shareaza was telling sources that it is interested in the parts of the file they have before the sources had finished telling Shareaza what parts they have.
  • No longer sends ed2k "request callbacks" via UDP
  • Shareaza sends ed2k extended request info even if the eMule peer is using a different extended request version.
  • Added 16 bytes of CMD4 to payload of ed2k "StartUploadReq" packet.
  • New installer
  • Should not change skin/language settings on install
  • Should not delete toolbar configuration on install
  • Fixed the GWebCache / Invalid URL crash
  • Added extra throttles to outbound QKRs
  • Enacted more compact metadata (no URI) in Q2/QH2 packets
  • IIS 6 compatibility issue addressed.
  • Will now re-add discovery services if any category of service is depleted. (e.g. no GwebCaches)
  • Changed "working directory" in shortcut in NSIS
  • Fixed installer metadata copy utility
  • Reduced the rate at which QKRs can be sent
  • Query keys cached where appropriate
  • Metadata made more compact
  • Removed obsolete headers
  • Added support for receiving X-Alt headers (not transmitting them yet)
  • GWebCache minimum re-access time substantially increased
  • GWebCache query decision logic modified to reduce accesses
  • Will decode multiple URNs on a single X-Content-URN line.
  • Maximum Gnutella Ultrapeers set to more a conservative value.

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