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Lord of the Rings August 12th, 2008 05:47 AM

New Avatars for Members to use on the forums; How to add an Avatar picture to your Profile
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The Gnutella never had any default avatars. I added a few simple ones a couple of years ago. I have more recently added a large number of avatars for users to use if they choose to. Also in recent years I increased the allowable avatar size for users should they choose to use a custom one.

Some avatars are animated. Different categories of Avatars depending on what you prefer. Be sure to check through the different pages of avatars since only 10 will show at a time. ;)

See the User CP button top left below the title of the thread, click on it & you will see options on left side of your control panel window.

Signature is automatically added to all your posts unless you click the option at bottom of post not to show signature. (Signatures must abide by forum rules and must not include links to commercial or warez sites, etc.) Likewise custom avatars must be acceptable by the wider community. :)

eg: my penguins is an avatar image.

Check them via your Control Panel > Edit Avatars. You will see a drop down menu for types of avatars. Select the one you desire. Of course you can always change from one to another. :) (A few more avatars will be added over coming week)

Sample of browsing Avatar categories before choosing:

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Lord of the Rings December 8th, 2008 12:36 PM

Some of the Avatars have been increased in size, and some new ones added. However some people's avatars might be missing as they have been replaced with larger version avatars. For those members who have lost their avatar, please reselect your avatar from the lists. :) Specifically most of the female avatars have been replaced with larger equivalents & many more male avatars have been added. Some Music topic avatars have also been increased in size. :)

Avatars have been divided amongst at least two more categories also which should help in your search for an avatar you would like to use. Now 10 categories of Avatars: 1. FUN Smiley Avatars, _ 2. Anime, _ 3. Female, _ 4. Music, _ 5. Male, _ 6. Scifi & Evil - Male, _ 7. Male Fighter, _ 8. Animals, _ 9. Animals - Domestic & Wild Cats, _ 10. Animated.

Around 400 avatars to choose from.

Wider dimension avatars can now be uploaded if custom avatars are preferred. :)

Edit: Forgot to mention, profile pictures may also be added, though size of file is limited. :)

Hays December 9th, 2008 10:52 PM

Pretty interesting avatars.

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