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trifle August 17th, 2002 04:06 PM

mysterious disppearance of xolox....
i've had connection problems with xolox for a while now but now its gone completely! (grrrr) when i last logged on to it, an error occured,then i was asked if i wanted to update, which i did. i had tried this previously but it hadnt completed.
this time, the update had apparently worked and i tried to re-start xolox. now, all i get is a message saying that a browser window wil be opened and allow me to use the newer version of xolox - but it never appeared.
the only way i have access to this is through an email regarding a previous post.
i had some great songs queued so id really appreciate any advice...?

trifle August 19th, 2002 02:32 PM

STILL having no joy. have deleted xolox from registry editor as shown on the faq page but that achieved sweet f.a.
as for cursorxp...que?! dont know if i have that or not, searched for it and canie find it!
even after deleting xolox file from registry, when i click on the icon, im still told a window will be opened and allow me to start using the new version..only it doesn't.
so guys, any advice on what to do would be much appreciated - has anyone else had the same problem with new version?

antihedron August 19th, 2002 03:59 PM

Download the Xolox intallation file again, it may have been corrupted or an error occured while you downloaded it. Then reinstall Xolox. Make sure to compleatly uninstall before reinstalling. That is all I have to suggest.

trifle August 19th, 2002 04:47 PM

thanx for the input. i've tried that but unfortunately to no avail.
an 'NSIS' error comes up due to either an incomplete download, a failing disk, or possibly a virus in an installation file.
the error states that i could try to force the installation using the /NCRC command line switch (huh?!) but that it's not recommended.
i'd really like to use xolox again but it ain't looking good. does anyone know how i'd be able to access the list of songs i had queued so i could try another programme?

antihedron August 20th, 2002 07:39 AM

Like I said before, try downloading the installation file again. If anything is wrong with is that should correct it. Something may have happened to it.

As for other programs you can find a list of decent programs at

trifle August 20th, 2002 03:04 PM

yeah, i have done, i uninstalled then tried again with the installation file and then got the exact same error.
im assuming something has happened because ive completed uninstalled the programme and yet the download won't work.
thank you for your ideas though. do you bvy any chance know how i could access my queued songs?

antihedron August 20th, 2002 03:46 PM

The list of partial downloads are stored in a file called 'resumeinfo.txt', but that file is only usable by Xolox. Additionally if you have properly uninstalled your partial downloads list should have been replaced. So if you did reinstall without backing up the file in the first place then it will not help now.

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