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Darklord September 20th, 2001 04:47 AM

Dissapointed... A lot...
Well, hello everybody... I had posted another message asking for help about a specific bug that nobody seemed to know... Well, anyways, let`s see what are my main thoughts as of this time with the hottest new gnutella client we all love...(?) XoloX

a) It is can find stuff fast but IT IS NOT (and I mean this) as fast as Morpheus/Kazaa. They are the fastest P2P solution at the moment. At least in Greece, where I work, and from inside a LAN. Yeah, the configuration of both of them (XoloX & Kazaa) is right, as is the configuration of my system. Still, it pretty... sucks (!) compared to them (sorry XoloX team). With XoloX I reached 30-40k`s at max, while with Morpheus I topped at 117k`s. It`s a pretty easilly spotted difference, don`t you think?

b) The members of the XoloX team themselves don`t quite support enthusiastically their project. There is no info, no documentation and most users have to rely on these boards to find answers to their problems. It`s pretty understandable that as a new piece of software it might have bugs, and we can cope with them. But I did ask for "what the hell does `filestream error --> 1` mean", and from what I saw I was not the only one. I got no answers...

c) The greatness of XoloX wears off after it manages to download the files. When I first installed it I was blown away, it was easy, speedy (well, not as Morpheus but I preffered it as it was more "underground" stuff!) and seemed to work. Thus, I selected 15-20 (BIG) files and let them downloading. The next day I found that none of them had come to my disk, while Morpheus (working at the same time) had brought me about 1,7 Gigs. The day after that 4 of the files in XoloX had reached 99% and where never to be resumed again. Two weeks now I have lost about 7 Gigs off my drive, `cause XoloX keeps them taken up by partial files that never comes to resume. Ah, I hear you say, they might not be available... Well, THEY ARE. I restarted a download of a file I had in my que and it pretty much started downloading at 27K`s. Again the same. At about 75% the download stucked. Now, what?

These are my main thoughts about the awesome XoloX, that never came to do quite what it claimed to do (...for me). The weird thing is that I`m not the only one with these problems. I gave the program to a lot (...A...LOT) of people that I know, on different connections, speeds, hardware and they all had basically the same problems, with the biggest being that the downloads pretty much stay stuck after 80% and need from 2 days to 2 weeks to complete (if they ever do). I don`t know about you, but if some problems like these are not corrected I don`t think I`ll be using XoloX... Don`t get me wrong, I don`t mean to sound as I probbably do, but the internet is evolving, new technologies and programs appear practically from nowhere, and at the moment I have two choices: XoloX and Morpheus. To put it simply, the one works (and does wonders), the other doesn`t. Guess witch one I`ll use more...


killian September 20th, 2001 05:00 AM

I hear you man... where can i find a download file for Morpheus? thanks

Darklord September 20th, 2001 05:19 AM

Just go to google ( and do a search for "Morpheus share"... Although it is endorsed by a commercial partner, it doesn`t mean that it isn`t... ahem... "rich" as well as files go. Try it out. Ah, and remember, if you want to achieve good speeds with it, right click on a file while you download it and select "find more...".........

See ya

killian September 20th, 2001 05:22 AM

Big thanks... will definitely check it out!


Unregistered September 20th, 2001 06:24 AM

problem...what problem?
OK Darklord, I hear you but I don't experience the same problems as you do - excepting 1, which is the incomplete file syndrome but I think I have worked that one out.

You and I both live in Europe, our times zones are different to the bulk of the users who I suspect are NOT in Europe. This all seems 'woolly' but I did some experiments over the past few days just to check 'the score' and here are the conclusions I have drawn.

1) If you leave you system running all the time (and especially when you go bed and dream nice dreams) you will get your files - I have only one file which hasn't made it in 7 days and that one is a 512 megs iso and the amount of users with it is very low.

2) I put the reason for this down to users system power management. Let me explain.

I am on 4 user LAN running under win2k and a compaq dual p3 dedicated win2k server- all 1.4 tb all with 60gbx2 raid arrays and we have a dsl link (not shared at exchange) with typical u'dl speeds of in excess of 100k/s to our mother (remote) server per user. This could be faster per user but I have it throttled back as sometimes we have to do real work:-)

I have some unique mp3 files on one of the computers which has xolox running on it 24/7. However. even though I could find the file entry on xolox search, I could not access the files even after a wait of 3-4 hours.

My initial thoughts were that xolox had 'broken' again on that computer so I went up to check it, and it was running fine. I obviously 'woke the machine up' and by the time I came back to my own computer the downloads were completed (this was about 10 minutes later as I had made coffee and took a pipi).

My conclusions are that as most of the users in the world use power management of some description this could be the first problem, even if they keep their systems on all day/night; the second being that America and the F/East sleeps a lot while Europe is awake and people are reluctant to leave their systems running overnight which will reduce the opportunity of succesful hits/surpluses.

Ver 1.1 (or whatever the last one was) was in fact stabilised for me when I took off power management on my own computer. Before that it wobbled all over the place, hung the machine, did all sorts of unexpected things.

Since I have been on the night shift here (3 days now) I have a successful and complete 3.5 gb of downloads and as I don't do much work here overnight I have had a chance to play around with it all and I have found it pretty solid, under last release and this new one.

My suggestion is to keep trying with it , turn of your own power management and encourage others to do the same and don't close the program down at all whilst you need files to get completed.

By the way - has anyone else done any experiments with xolox? Post it and tell me what you have found.

I still rate xolox as the best p2p program I have (and I have them all)


Darklord September 20th, 2001 06:41 AM

Quite right thoughts...but...
You put it quite nicely, and yes, I have thought about the parameters you talk about. You see, there`s just one slight thing I didn`t mention... My PC is at work, and I leave it on, and on, and on to download, 2 weeks now! I don`t turn it off and since I think power management is pretty useless (all my PCs work full-tim) I don`t use it at all! That means that for the last 16 days, 24 hours a day (par the moments when I turn it off to take my removable with me and the time it updated version) it has been downloading. Or trying to ;-)
I accept the timezone point you make, but I have to explain something more: at this very moment I run XoloX and Morpheus at the same time. Just to check the speeds, I`m doing this for the last 3 days. XoloX reached 3k`s at max (since all the files in its list are way after 95% now) and then dropped it. It keeps searching, and searching, and searching... For Thor`s shake (!), it has 250+ buffered points from witch to start a download and it goes at them 1 at every 5 mins or something (if I really understand how it works..!). It should do some "aggresive" resuming, trying to connect to, say, 10 points at once, if it was trying to complete a file that has passed 95%. It doesn`t really seem to do so...
Anyways, for the record, while XoloX grabs the files at (right now) 0,4k`s per sec (for 1 file), Morpheus just reached 78k`s per sec (for 5 files). I think that now you get my point..!

Moak September 20th, 2001 06:51 AM

It's OK when people don't like Xolox!
I also use FastTrack (Morpheus/Kazaa) time by time. Actually looking forward when it is reverseengineered (giFT), so that someone can build a good Linux client that shares on Gnutella AND FastTrack. Yeah! =)

However Xolox is new and costs no money, wait a while to get the bugs fixed, for sure there are some! If you ever had a bigger programming project in your spare time, you understand that it needs time to code, write docs, fix bugs and help users. I wouldn't say a client sux because it is not perfect yet... when Xolox as your #2 client sux, how do you rate all the others? :)
I also like Bearshare or Limewire (fine for Linux) or just check Zeropiad Top Rated Clients to try more clients.

CU, Moak

Unregistered (Jude) September 20th, 2001 06:56 AM

hmm wonder why we have such differences?
Hey Darklord:-) ok - I hear you again. Kalimera by the way!!

I can't work out why you have these problems and I don't. It's weird.

I have to admit the bulk of my downloads are mp3's cos I love music and I can't really afford to buy everything I wanna listen to.

I've got 3 other p2p's running at the moment - one is morpheus, one is winmx and the other is galaxy. All good programs and all doing thier job well (I am at home now by the way - I will try this overnight later..ok - and compare one-4-one and report) I'm still getting the bulk of downloads from xolox.

Let's keep checking this and try to find out why - peace...


Darklord September 20th, 2001 07:15 AM

Thanx go out to both Jude (got it right?) and Moak. ("Kalimera" is greek for "Good day" by the way, but it`s allready "apogeyma" -evening- here! So, "kalispera" to all of you...ahem! Got carried away!)

1st to Moak
Look, when I say that "it sucks" I mean that "any program that uses 7 Gigs of my hard drive and yet brings me no files pretty much sucks". If you look at it that way, you may as well stare blankly in the horizon and mumble "man, that sucks big time". XoloX is the best try at a Gnutella client I`ve ever seen, and yes, it is number two in my list. But that is because I still hope that the files will someday finally come to my disk in their full glory. Well...

Jude now...
I`d like you to do as you say. I think that XoloX has great potential to kick the others in the behind, and may eventually become the best sharing ap. The fact though is that I want my files.... whahhhh! Anyways, leave your PC on for 24hours and look at what it`ll bring. Then, if you can, post here a reply stating the ammount of files and the time (days?) you had them qued. And, for Odin`s shake, will somebody finally tell me what ""filestream error --> 1" is?

Thanx and see ya

Moak September 20th, 2001 07:29 AM

Kalispera Darklord!

Yeah man, I understand your dissapointment! I would like to help, but Xolox runs quite fine and very fast on my WinME box (downloading a movie in realtime is amazing, honestly this is very rare with Xolox or on Gnutella). Give the developers some more time to help/fix...

Moak (what is "bye" again in greek? I only remebered the bad words from my friends, hehe)

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