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onelove November 25th, 2005 12:40 PM

need more sources
Everythiing I try to download says I need more sources, what gives?

Only A Hobo November 25th, 2005 01:11 PM

I assume you have read the following from the FAQ:

>>>"Q: Why do I keep getting "Need More Sources"?

A: There are several possibilities:

1) Each Gnutella user has a limited number of slots reserved for uploads. When these slots are filled, you'll see a message that LimeWire is waiting for a certain number of "busy" clients. LimeWire will automatically retry downloads from these clients after a variable period of time in hopes that upload slots will become free. However, if the person who has the file you're trying to download has too many people requesting files, he won't be able to serve any more file requests, and your connection will be refused.

2) If the person who has the file you're trying to download has recently turned off his computer or has disconnected from the Gnutella network, you will be unable to download the file.

3) If the person who has the file you're trying to download is running inferior or buggy Gnutella software, the download could fail for any number of reasons.

4) If the person who has the file you're trying to download has since deleted the file or moved it, you may encounter problems downloading the file.

To minimize the chances of failed downloads, make your search more specific.You will have more pertinent search results from which to choose a download."<<<<

It could be that you are unlucky ... For various reasons such as you choosing a host who has just gone off line. or (possibly)is continually busy You don't say if this has happened to you first and only 2 tries, or to everything you have tried .. in the last three weeks.

Try searching "what's new" and trying a few random files from there.

Some hosts continually show "need more hosts" perpetually. If you are trying to get something rare that only one of these hosts shares, you might have to wait until another host appears with what you want.

If this is really a problem, it would help us if you give more details of your equipment, your isp ... firewall and virus protection details.

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