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cootmaster January 22nd, 2009 04:33 PM

New Adaware Ae
anyone upgrade to AE version yet
of adaware the gui not as nice as 08 but has neat features
reminds me of AVG
is 08 discontinued?

i found it quit hanging on splash screen AE
scanning was about 4 mins instead of 15
so its less resources
07 08 GUI was better but at least its faster

Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition is significantly lighter and faster than our own previous versions, as well as many of our top competitors. According to our extensive research, Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition:

* Uses 74% less memory than Ad-Aware 2008.
* Only uses 18% of the CPU during scans ? nearly 60% less resources than the previous version, and considerably less than each competitor product tested, including AVG, Kaspersky, Norton, and PC Tools.
* Scans 36 MB per second ? faster than each competitor product tested, and over 4 times faster than AVG?s.

To see how our new product?s performance stacks up against previous versions and the top anti-virus and anti-spyware products on the market today, see our Performance and Cleanup Comparison now.
Remember, if you have a valid Ad-Aware Plus or Pro license, update to the new version free of charge through the Lavasoft Support Center. Follow these three easy steps:
1. Log-in to the Support Center and download Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition from the download link option in the ?Your Licenses? menu.
2. Start the installation. The previous version (Ad-Aware 2008) will be automatically uninstalled before installing Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition.
3. Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition will recognize your previous license information and the Plus or Pro features will be activated automatically when the program is started.

i scan ALL files w ADAWARE AND AV

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