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sawster July 31st, 2002 10:31 AM

What the heck???
I didn't think things were working very well with the old version so when I saw that vrs. 1.21 was available I downloaded it. Unfortunatly this hasn't made anything better for me. In fact I haven't been able to download anything without the program crashng and giving me the "Must shut down" window and then I loose all started downloads as well as any that haven't started. Great we can preview and organize our files...what's with the double files. When I click on my files it shows 2 of the same file setups...??? The last time I ran this program it shut down in a matter that I have never seen. I was doing a search and my screen flashed about a dozen times loading what seemed to be blank screens and then locked up. I'm not liking this at all but I will try a few more times and then I'm going to uninstall.

antihedron July 31st, 2002 03:03 PM

Iwouldtryand reinstall. You need to make sure that you delete the regestry keys before installing again.

About the duplicate files. Your downloads folder is automatically shared. If it is also in your list of shared folders it will appear twice.

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