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Marnie007 March 7th, 2010 11:43 AM

Lost library

I downloaded the new version of Limewire. Then I uploaded 3 new songs. Now all I have in the library are those 3 songs. What happened to all the others?? How do I get them back??

Luckily I saved them on a flashdrive.

How do I get them from the flashdrive back to the Limewire liabrary, if that is what I have to do??


Remoc March 7th, 2010 01:56 PM

Hi Marnie007 and :welcomegnut:

TBH I've never used the New Versions of LW but all of your files should be on your HD. Do a search of any song that you had and you should find the location of where the files are saved. Now you can either direct the new files to the old location or direct the old files to a new location.

I would keep the old path and implement that path into the New version of LW so everything is all together.

Hope this makes since to you. :)

birdy March 8th, 2010 07:42 PM

Just to add to what Remoc said... once you find the folder where your files are saved, make a note of the location of that folder.

Now open LW > click on the 'My Files' icon > highlight Library > click on the 'Add Files' button.

Browse for the folder containing your songs > highlight the folder & click 'Add File(s)' if you want to add the whole folder. Otherwise double click to open the folder & then select files that you want to add from there.

If you can't find the files on your HDD, plug in your flash drive & browse for that drive instead when adding files.

If you want to change saved folder location in LW 5, go tools > options > transfers. Click on the Browse button in the Downloads section - there you can change location. Just remember to click 'ok' in that box & also on the main options page to save any changes.

And if you want to share files that are in your library... click on Library > right click on a file > add to list > Public shared.

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