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It can't seem to make up it's mind how many connections it wants. It did finally make the 5th connection some time during the night. I did finally get a UP connection this morning and it took about 15 min. to get to 30 peers but once it got there it stayed between 29 and 31 while searching and DL.

I got virtually the same results in UP and Leaf mode both good search and DL. While DL 20 consecutive files at a time 650Kb+ all files completed the resume feature appears to work well. No corrupt file messages.

This latest round of testing was done on a fresh reformat. Got a virus so I reformatted and re installed. (Win:32 Trojano-324) more on that in a latter post. But I figured since all was new I just as well try to reproduce some of the problems other are having.

When I first started running LimeWire I was using Windows firewall. With firewall properly configured LW detected a firewall when it should not have. No matter how I configured the firewall or what mode I ran in. IE manual port forward or UPnP. When I installed Norton Internet security and disabled windows firewall it no longer detected a firewall. It would not connect as a UP with windows firewall. I had a couple of install problems but they were not the fault of LW will elaborate on that latter.

Any way 4.9.29 seems to be working very well other than it can't decide how many connections it wants. I did not see the high memory usage that stief saw but I did not run in UP very long about a hour of heavy testing memory usage got to 75MB.

The screen shot below was taken a hour ago connections still the same so at this time I do not know if it will drop to 5 or not. Also I should add that I ran in leaf mode all night DL 0 / UL 5 at 45KB LW did go into sleep mode kept 1 connection and it did not have the disconnect message. When I woke it up it immediately went to 5 connections.
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