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the 4.9.30 is a beta version, but is being released as an service update to the public. so it is technically the official version. there is no 4.9.31 release of any sort yet. the developer(s) are trying to structure the network right now, so if people would update to these versions faster, everything would progress alittle better. some features of the new versions will need alot of the network to be updated to work correctly. this will soon be true for DHT too. the 4.9.30 version sorts out the UP situation. the gnutella network has too many Ultrapeers. now im not saying to disable Ultrapeer abilities in limewire, but the new ultrapeer requirements have been set alittle higher now to increase the density of the network (basically making the searches return faster and more results.) this keeps the network from being so spread out and puts everybody real close to each other.