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sdsalsero: thanks for the feedback. I don't think this has anything to do with ultrapeers dropping upload requests, since all non-push uploads are done strictly peer-to-peer. Also, directory names are conveyed in the leaf to ultrapeer route tables.

What's happening, I think, is that leaf nodes are being removed one more hop from the "core" of the network, so they're getting fewer queries. This also explains why leaves are getting fewer replies. To solve these problems, LimeWire 2.0.3 ultrapeers will ignore TTL's when communicating with leaves, at least in some situations. Also, we will ensure that ultrapeers are better connected to the network by enforcing higher TTLs on them.

Disabling ultrapeer mode does not disable leaf mode. LimeWire considers leaf mode a Good Thing and tries to do it whenever possible. There is currently no way to force LW to be a non-ultrapeer without being a leaf. You can force LW to be an ultrapeer without being a leaf.