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Default mouse buttons won't click on limewire

i have been able to install limewire with no problems and nothing out of the ordinary. once i open limewire though i am unable to click on anything inside the limewire window or the window itself. i can't close, minamize, move, right click, nothing. however it does highlight what i am rolling over with the mouse i just can't click on anything. i am able to use the mouse on anything else on screen whether limewire is open or not. when i open the task manager it just says that limewire is running it does not say not responding. however, if i use the keyboard i am able to somewhat use limewire by hitting the tab key to change what is highlighted and using enter, i can even run a search. but i am unable to use all of the options. i have downloaded the latest version of limewire and i'm running windows xp on a lenovo computer (if that helps anyone). if this can be fixed it would just make using the program alot easier and enjoyable. thanks
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