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Default Major Topics for Tips & Tricks

Below are links to major topics you should see BEFORE posting about the topic if still need to post after reading. (click on links!)

Windoze Users: Look Here Before Posting

Print Screen in Windows

* Useful Links *

* CODECs list for Movies/Alternate players / Video help forums/ video-mp3 fixers

Burning a audio CD from your MP3's (limewire) _ / _ Making an Audio CD using Nero 7 - Nero Express

Making a DVD Video using Nero 7 Premium

Windows Media Player 10 Guide: Adding Songs to Your Library and Burning CDs

What you should know about WMA Files

viruses, spyware, and other nasties _ / _ WARNING: Viruses on network you should be aware of! _ / _ LimeWire continually Popping up & also Opening at System Startup _ / _ Virus help & links

Rootkits *** WARNING ***

Incomplete Download File won't delete at all (click on link)

Windows - *** SLOW SLOW SLOW Shutdown *** - A Fix

Help with limewire [Maximize disk space, minimize fragmentation]

The TechNutopia Fullsize Hostiles List for BearShare and LimeWire

Windows XP SP2 users, Please Read (Update of TCPIP.SYS on 2006-06-15)

Firewall & Port Setting - Some Useful Links

Alternative Connection Ports - Information

Want to test for ISP interference? (Expert)

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