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I just wanted to share this because maybe it will help someone...

I have vista on a brand new computer and also use zone alarm. I combed through these threads for weeks trying everything suggested because I was only getting 1 green bar in Limewire and it kept saying it was connecting to the network. Well, I uninstalled zone alarm and saw no change. I also opened up the ports on my wireless router (using the instructions provided in the forums) and still nothing.

But, FINALLY Limewire is working!!!! YOU HAVE TO UN-INSTALL BOTH ZONE ALARM AND LIMEWIRE. THEN REINSTALL LIMEWIRE FIRST AND THEN REINSTALL ZONE ALARM. when i uninstalled zone alarm the first time I did this in the reverse order, and my connection in Limewire still didn't work! When you do the re-install of zone alarm make sure to allow Limewire. After that it should work fine (considering you have no conflicting firewalls, and you have allowed limewire through any OS or router/modem firewalls)

I know how incredibly frustrating this is so I hope maybe this solution can help someone! Also, from some of the other threads there seem to be other people using vista who have figured out how to work limewire. Good Luck!!!!
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