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i'm having problems with this anyway. i have wmp 11 but my screen doesn't look like your attachment. i have vista premium and have had this computer since feb. here's my problem...

So i'm new at limewire...i know how to download and put them into my windows media library, btw I have Vista, don't know if that matters or not, just so you know. Well, when I download from limewire the files are mp3 files. i want to put them on cd's (CD-RW to be exact) and everytime i do it they want play. I think i figured it out because they're mp3 and not wma or something. so then i found this thing online--a free mp3 wma converter, it seemed to be working right and when i click on properties on the songs now, they say wma instead of mp3. but they do not play in my car stereo or home system either, i'm not doing something right obviously, and i don't think it should be this hard. any help will be appreciated, thanks so much. Since i read one of your comments i uninstalled the mp3 converter i had and was about to do the noteburner one but i needed someones comment on all this. please get back with me as soon as you can. or ne one else who may know what my problem is. i've done this like 10 times and each time it says that it's analyzing, writing, completed, then finalizing the disc, but it still will not play in any of my stereos and i've also formatted my discs beforehand cause i thought you had to do that ...i'm lost..please help.
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