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First off, I wanted to say sweet work on all of the advice/tips/enlightenment! I found it well thought out, very understandable, quite comprehensive and the links were perfect for keeping the more detailed info close enough to click, yet still letting you surf thru the main post without getting distracted with a overload to the cerebrum. I have been downloading for a year or 2, on and off. I only use the Lime for increasing my realm of musical knowledge thru the beauty of MP3 aquisition. After Ripping all my CDs best tunes to my CPU, i've managed to reach the 7,500 song level one MP3 at a time.

I really can't recall any viruses off hand. I tried common sense thru most of my searches and downloads. The file size was a no-brainer. I've seen every aspect of most any file in my system to know the average song size to get fooled by anything less than 1M.

Unlike the "mark as spam" Spam filtering, till today, I ocassionally tried to block a site's address. The "...orgasm on webcam" hit always came back. I guess it dosen't know I only use Duckyporn for my glandular needs, Heh. Errr... ... Yea!I mean ... to study the human form like a sculptor ... Yea! Ok, enough cheesy humor.

I saw the TechNutopia Hostile List page. I downloaded the Text Zip file. I then used the search for "oidhfhdjfjdk.mp3" trick along with the "mark as junk" option on the results a few times. I'd restart Limewire between searches. Should I first install the Hostile List" before wasting my time on marking more Junk? The Filter Hosts in Options menu lists the addresses I banned. I named quite a few file sets as junk, yet Idon't see alot of banned addresses listed. Does reported Junk get saved as a combo of name/size/format/addresses somewhere on SANTA's naughty list?

The site mentions putting the Hostiles.txt file in your C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_NAME\Application Data\Limewire folder. there was no HOSTILE.txt list there when I installed it. I didn't see if the list referred to addresses other aspects of the files in question.

I saw mentioned thet to exclude a word from your search you used a "_" underscore instead of the Boolean/Google "-" minus sign. I didn't see if the " " quotation marks for finding the whole word string was valid in Limewire as it is in a Google search. Once in a while, my search has too many words. What is the total limit. Not sure if the same limit on how many total words is the same as total used for just a single search variable.

Lets say you R-click a name in the left Filter Results area, say in the ARTISTS box, and do a custom search for that Artist. In the name of the new search, it "Artist" before the actual name. Can you do the same thing by also typing in "Artist" along with thier name in the search parameter box? I always assumed that Lime didn't show that word cause it assumes that you know what box you typed the words into. Is it there to remind you that search was from inside a earlier search result?

I'd often do a custom search after r-clicking on one of my downloads-in-progress that has too few Hosts feeding it. I'd usually search with the choice that included the artist name and some or all of the song's name. Usually, in the results, I'll see a file with a more than usual number of possible hosts along with a credible 3.3M size. As I start the download, I'll see if I can play it with the Prewiew button. If I can't preview it, I just cancel the download. Wasn't sure if that was probably a ringtone or such. It said MP3 file type.

If your media player can't play the final MP3 you get, try opening the file with a audio media editor(if you have one). Don't do anything to it, except for saving it. I use Waveedit included with my Nero7 suite. It fixes the file almost 99.99% of the time. I might be lucky in the way the default options saves files.

I added all the Extentions yous tutorial listed. I always thought that area was for adding entire words to block, not Extentions too. After also adding the HOSTILE list to my docs folder, I restarted the CPU, & did a search for SOMETHING GOOD.

All the results were over 2M large!! There was no mandatory "Orgasm" hit. The only type of file I saw that I didn't need was a .M4A type, some newer compression. I rem once long ago downloading a trial converter thet did 3 of them B4 it's trial ran out. I added it to the Filter Keywords option.

I did a few more reg music searchs. I only saw a very minimal number of 117K mini-me files and a rare "Orgasm". Who thought a rare "Orgasm" is something to covet? Here's the good Omen from the DOS GODS. Just for fun, I searched for "HR PUFFNSTUFF", an old kids show. Once months ago, I had a urge to add its TV Theme to my larder. It was real prob 4AM and I finally found 1 hit that was slow and terminated b4 it finished its snail-like download. My Quest for a childhood flashback was answered. Well, 1 site had it. One site with a motivated little bandwith that came to me in record time. I am blessed by a sign from above, HEH.

In the future, should I treat stinky search results with JUNK banning, HOST ADDRESS banning or both. Not sure which one works in what specific way. My ability to Google the answer was vexed by Evil Demons... Well, maybe naughty spirits. Or it was Witchypoo. Google that one if your too young to flash on that name.

Ok, time to play some COWBOYS & INDIANS. Thanks for all the hard work on the product. The Forums usually take care of anything the Product misses, HEH. Your Virus Suite will hopefully take care of anything that slips in between the cracks.

As "UNCLE BOB" used to sing, TALK TO YA LATER!
PS:The above game was NOT played in a Stadium. I'm Learning, HEH!!____________________________________________
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