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Hi there again. I know it's been, what, a year-and-a-half since this thread was started, but I wanted to re-open the topic, if I may, especially since a third party has made a post. . . .

First of all, I'd like to explain that this poster (me) is the same poster as the originator of this thread. These two usernames are two of the three I have registered on Gnutella forums. Whereas I undstand that the servers may
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have plenty of room
I have a limited number of e-mail addresses. . . . I do not believe in creating "extra" e-mail addresses just to set them as defaults for the usernames I do not intend to use and I would rather not have current e-mail associated with them either because I intend to delete those as well. So I ask again, is there any way I can have my two profiles (usernames: "wakedaddy" and "wakedaddy335") removed from the system?

Thank you for any and all assistance in this matter.

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How to sign in Gmail??? jimmy1 My sign in works for forum.
I would like to express that I see no correlation between my issue and the post "jimmy1" has made. . . . Not to mention I don't even understand the question.
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