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I found no new features, even though connection seemed somewhat smoother than with shareaza.
As to the registry, no, the application has its own key,which I add as an attachment.

Originally Posted by OldDeath View Post
Sorry, but I distrust this website. They host multiple applications that seem (except for some of their graphics) to be copies of famous and whidely used p2P clients. If there had been only one single application, it would have been OK, but the manpower to maintain several of these applications is too big for the site to serve a 'good' purpose. Also, it is not possible to download their source code (at least I didn't find it in a quick search), which is clearly a violation of the licenses of the applications used as a basis of their 'premium programs'.


Are there any features in that application that are not present within Shareaza?
Have you checked which registry keys it uses to store its settings? (Is the key named by chance "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Shareaza\"?)
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