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Old July 6th, 2002
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I know what youve said is true, I was annoyed because I wasent getting any response. I do think we need to have our voices heard and keep the pressure up to get the problem higher on someones agenda.

Is there not a way (besides this forum) to get a message to morpheus users with some instruction on what they can do to be better "neighbors"?

I tried to register but had problems. When I entered my email the system gave me an error message-probably because I have my own domain that forewards to my connection adress. I also forgot my limewire password (Pretty dumb) and cant get through because of the prior problem. I have emailed the administrator. In the meanwhile, I have been signing my postings as I think if you have something to say you should be willing to be known.

p.s. The time stamp tells me that you folks must be out west. Im usually signed off by the time you come on line. But thanks for your replys.

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