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do i care i start as an ultrapeer?
You? No, as Trustyfiles users, ayzoo, users , morpheus users, gnucleus users, kiwi alpha users, webspider users, mynapster users.... and ton of others. But they take the foreign slots of LW (limited to 3 out of 32). Those slots are for having a better connectivity with other network parts such as bearshare and gtk-gnutella, once a buggy gnucDNA with automatic UP starts, it do not let this connectivity happens (they are only there to get results, then leech). That the biggest flaw of gnucDNA: the UP election scheme and it has been since 1.8 (UP support). Now that 32 outdegree is in gnucdna, I see Trustyfiles 2.2 starting as UP and then getting 32 other UP connections (mostly Limewires) and it doesn't have any leaf, this is what I call network harming big time.

Tell to John that UP selection is important because he doesn't seem to understand that. I mean with a proper UP selection theme, people would have realized that gnucDNA sucks already and wouldn't be using apps with this core (they would for g2).

Edit: hahaha Morph knew 6 months before that kazaa would kick them... That makes nearly 3 years (2 years and 3 months +6 months) if they would have devs, they would have created something, not only including other opensource apps (and the Neo which comes from an university).

LoL at Morph devs!!!

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