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Don't forget KCEasy, and recently, Kiwi. I hope you're right about others realizing how harmul multiple networks can be, though the discussion about LW 4 on Slyck --despite juggalo and Greg Bildson's efforts--shows that there is a long way to go.

I hope filesharing is not at the same level of evolution as railroads: companies eventually agreed on track guage, but even today I suspect some areas still set their tracks so only their cars and locomotives can run

Do you think there's a fair way to set the entry level for developers to access gnutella? If so, I'd ask for a feature request to "block Vendor." Right now I keep checking if a connected vendor supports Browse Host or has a >0 QRP. If not (repeatedly),and the messages I/O is high, I start itching to "block Vendor."

. . . and if Dave doesn't start correcting his users whoi probably think he came up with the "What's New" and other devs, I'd start blocking ACQX too.
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