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Speaking of Yahoo!, you do know I suppose that typing in Limewire as search keyword at Yahoo!.com returns as Sponsor results(!) scam sites.
Man. And I was wondering how all those people got tricked. I see it now. You're new to the net. You've heard of Yahoo! (probably even used it once or twice before too). You've also heard of Limewire. So you look for it in Yahoo!.com and come up with the scam sites and get tricked because you're new...
I took the trouble to send them feedback (at the bottom of the search results page), telling them that people are being tricked because of their "sponsor results". (I didn't mention that Google doesn't do that, but now that I think about it, maybe I should have). I don't think that one feedback like that will do something, but maybe if more people sent them feedback like that (yes, I'm talking about all of you in here. Those who got tricked and those who didn't altogether), then maybe, just maybe, they might decide to think it through.
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