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ok... ignore my last post.. i managed to work it out.. ( actually i read a bit further on and copied what somebody else said to delete preferences.. but hey i got there!!).. ok.. so ive done that... i restarted lw..and immediately i got an 'excellent' connection... so there i was... making sure i could spell "M.O.D.E.R.A.T.O.R.' correctly so i could name my next child as per promised.. when suddenly im back to 'connecting.. so turned off LW.. ( im sure there is a more technical term than that.. but you know what i mean).. restarted it.. and while its trying to tells me... it cant connect.. perhaps im not connected to the internet.. ( i am ) or my firewall is stopping it... i have already added LW to my firewall thingy as per previously instructed.. so i dont think its that..( you lot must be EXHAUSTED by having to answer the same questions over and over and over again..) but here i wait with baited breath.. and complete confidence.. for your NEXT instruction on how to get LW connecting for me... from MAZ.. in Australia..
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