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You must differ here. Mike disabled ultrapeer mode himself, so that Shareaza doesn't become a Gnutella UP by default. So he clearly thinks that at least UP mode is outdated. And that's what I mainly was referring to.
Yeah UP has been disabled since what, 1.9 betas in june 2003? I'm talking about leaf support, we read the same thread mec I think I read that Camper might work on gnutella, but that won't make shareaza upload faster, doesn't it? (hint: make a friggin' UL: DL ratio for gnutella or drop gnet support)

The speed of a single upload is the wrong thing for judging. It's the total upload to a network that must be considered, which is not possible when only having Shareaza as source for one file. Maybe one client is giving 10 x 2KB, which is not necessarily a bad thing. With strong PFS, this is even good for distributing a file. Different clients have different default queue settings.
LOL that was a politician talk, blablabla here in Québec, we would say that "tu patines, tu patines" (you are skating). All those things are obvious. I'm talking about upload speed divided between networks thus lowering average speed given to a specific network. Not hard to undersand, but hard to defend, hé?

Ares' success is due to other things. Shareaza choosed to rather keep its hands clean.
héhéhé, now you are talking about warez, the app. Bullshit. Shareaza divided the gnutella community with his so called G2 then introduced multinet support. Since then BT, and ED2K servers have banned you many times for bad support. And you are talking about warez that does not matter to somebody not using it? Clean? hahahaha.

Actually, I wouldn't bother at all if Shareaza would get away from Gnutella. But it's not very thinkable to remove a network from an application, especially because Shareaza originally was a Gnutella-only client. Or it could be disabled by default, or the max number of networks could be restricted. Whatever, this is subject to opinions, which may differ vastly.
Yeah this would lead to many useless discussions. Easy answer: drop it. Or make Shareaza gnutella edition with only Gnet support. There would also be Shareaza G2 edition, ED2K edition, etc... Or you could choose THE network you want to connect to at startup.

Stop skating please,

Ciao et meilleure chance la prochaine fois et sans rancune!

Edit: Ares was a gnutella app at first... they didn't keep that support when moving to their own network. Why would it be unthinkable for shareaza?

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