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Originally posted by jlh
However, the user may choose to disable Gnutella and to forbid (which doesn't happen by default) any upload to not connected networks, in this case Gnutella. But then it won't download from Gnutella either. Unfortunately, such clients may still appear in Gnutella's alternate source mesh, and get into the list of sources of a Gnutella client.
I don't think there are many Gnutella clients that you can actually ban that way. Ever since Shareaza has been open-source (and actually already before) it has been a piece of cake to circumvent that block. (If you don't want Gnutella clients to download from you, - don't use the Gnutella download mesh).

The reason Shareaza sources frequently fail is that they are simply overloaded. You are devoting a considerable amount of your bandwidth to creating and accepting TCP connections ( an amount of bandwidth that probably does not show in your bw statistics ) and sending busy signals, - not to mention that you hubs are flooded with UDP packets. As far as I can tell Shareaza's lack of responsiveness is mainly a design issue.
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