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Originally posted by jlh
The speed of a single upload is the wrong thing for judging. It's the total upload to a network that must be considered, which is not possible when only having Shareaza as source for one file. Maybe one client is giving 10 x 2KB, which is not necessarily a bad thing. With strong PFS, this is even good for distributing a file.
I don't agree with the last part. If you are uploading multiple large files, each with 2KB/s and there are few sources per file, chances are that many of your uploads will never complete and you effectively waste a lot of bandwidth (the average user doesn't wait for a file forever). If you upload one and the same file with 2KB/s to multiple hosts at the same time, it is actually a good thing because the hosts you upload to can also download from each other.

Actually, I wouldn't bother at all if Shareaza would get away from Gnutella. But it's not very thinkable to remove a network from an application, especially because Shareaza originally was a Gnutella-only client. Or it could be disabled by default, or the max number of networks could be restricted. Whatever, this is subject to opinions, which may differ vastly.
I regularly pray that the Shareaza people decide to remove Gnutella support once and for all but considering that Gnutella is considerably larger than G2 (with around 800,000 hosts at any time) and many Shareaza users seem to think it was good to connect to as many networks as possible, it will never ever happen.
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