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Originally posted by et voilā
but I also believe only long timers (meaning they know forum rules) will post magnets.
I donīt think so. Others will also post magnet links. And if we would allow only some long timers to post links there would be a discussion why are they allowed to do it and not all members bla, bla...

For me, the only problem is about CC willing to do it.
CC is the minor problem if we find a practible way.

And it's not like we are going to create a forum for that as we ruled that out last time.
If we allow magnet links than only in a special forum, where we can overview them and only some "special" people could post there. IMO this is the only practible way, but who is allowed to post magnets? Of course only trusted people, but donīt count with the mods I am sure the most wonīt post magnets, so we have to upgrade some senior mebers to magnet link posters. Will you make a list?

All other magnets besides this forum should be deleted.

I remember that I suggested this but nobody really agreed to it.

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