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Question Adding Entire Audio CD/Changing File Names

I'm using a mac G3/350 with iTunes 2.04 to do the following:

When I add an entire audio cd (in addition to individual files) in Limewire Pro 4.08, I have my limewire shared folder the same as my itunes folder. I'll insert a disc into itunes and save it as mp3 files which limewire will include in my library when I start it back up.

Looking at my Limewire Library screen I see the artist with the titles of the album(s) below that on the far left. The song names, bit rate, etc, are on the right. My concern is that people looking at (for) my files would only see the song name. To Help(?) I started adding the artist before the song name (Example: "Patsy Cline - Crazy" whereas before it was only "Crazy"). This takes a Loooooong time to do with all my files so when I now add entire cd's I leave it with only the song name (I don't add the artist before the song title). My concern is that I seem to have received more hits (uploads) by adding the artist name before the song name and am now wondering if I should go back doing this ?

If people were to view my files by "browse host" I'm sure they would see the Artist-Album-song connection clearly but I imagine most don't. I just want to make my files as clear to others as possible.

Is my technique right/wrong, any suggestions ?

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