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If you paid for 2 years then you've been scammed. See: There's only one place you should have got your LW from & that's The pro version costs $18.88 & offers 6 mths of free updates to the pro version & customer support. There's no dramatic differences b/w the pro & standard free version. There's no reminder to upgrade to pro when you open LW & there's some other minor improvements in the pro version. Traditionally the pro version enabled you to be able to connect to more ultrapeers & have better connection quality than standard LW.

Gnutella is the name of the p2p network.

I don't know why the heck you have zip files. That is not ordinary. Where did you get them?

The incomplete folder will have 2 files called downloads.dat & downloads.bak. These 2 files contain your dwnld history & records of your incomplete dwnlds. Leave these files as they are. Once a file has completed dwnlding (100%), LW will 'move' it from the incomplete folder to your LW Dwnld folder (See LW's Prefs-Saving to know where the LW dwnld folder is.)

So what is your LW version & which OSX version do you have? Have you updated your java? If you have a problem, please specify in detail what happens from the moment you click to open LW. Also supply as many details as possible about your comp configuration.
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