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hey ss i got a easy way 4 u to burn ur mp3 downloads , 1st do a search on limwire ***** once u have it install it then select classic burn click the music tab then it gives u 2 options mp3 burn of cd burn click cd burn it will change all ur tracks into a normall format make sure to click the box for finalise disc othere wise u will only be able to play it on a dvd player, and yes this wrork for all dvd movies downloads including avi,dvx.asf no codec needed at all its all there for u, o and way bother using media player to burn anyways its slow it has to copy tracks to a burn libary before u can burn its slow another way of windows to make money ,thanks to all ppl on limewire who share files and all u freeloaders get ur files shared and help us all to download faster. **** my fingers whent on then lol

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