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Regarding the Mac installer, I would suspect that people are attempting to use the installer that does not contain a JVM even though they do not already have the JVM present on their machines.

The primary LimeWire 1.7 installer for the Mac includes an updated MRJ, version 2.2.5, that has important improvements, but that is also a bit larger than previous versions. This pushed the installer size up to about 11MB. We decided to give people the option to use that installer without the MRJ in case they already had it installed. This installer, however, will not work if they do not already have the MRJ. I am not positive what will happen in this case, but it is quite likely that the scenario that you described would occur.

That said, we also did upgrade the Mac installer to use a new version of InstallAnywhere from ZeroG (version 4.01 as opposed to 3.5). This should, however, be more stable than previous versions. The previous installer had problems on some systems, but this one should be more successful.

Do you know if people are having problems with the installer that includes the MRJ, the installer without the MRJ, or both?