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Default Trouble connecting to the Gnutella Network through Morpheus!!!

I don't know why I can't seem to connect/stay connected to Gnutella!!!! And sometimes my neo network connection doesn't connect properly either, it says that 'Neo Network Connect

I am STUGGLING to use Morpheus 4.5.0, and I have a DSL connection.. I've tried installing the "Event ID 4226" patch, and have opened and opening the port 6346 twice with the default scope, once for TCP and once for UDP.. I thought that maybe my Service Pack 3?

So far.. in a week, (for hours on end), I've left my laptop on and hoped that I would connect.. so far, I've been connected only ONCE to the Gnutella network.. :S and have downloaded only ONE song. lol............. :P and.. the weird thing is: before that download was completed, Morpheus indicated that it was trying to connect with the Gnutella network again.. but while it was trying, it was still downloading??

I'm trying to connect to the FastTrack network too (since Gnutella isn't working either!!)

Please help, someone...

(P.S, I thought that it may be something to do with my universityís dorms restrictions on the access to the internet, but that canít be true.. My friend can reliably connect to Gnutella within seconds of opening Morpheus, and download things- and he hasnít made any adjustments to his ports. :S.. I wonder which Microsoft service pack heís using. :S
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