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Default status as of november 8th (Gnucleus and Morpheus)

Note: look at the last post of the thread to see the leech status as of today

Salut all, since there has been trolling from Morpheus devs and a fanboy claiming GnucDNA was no leecher in Gnutella network, I'll expose here my findings. I'm no way affiliated with any Gnutella client and my motives are only to make Gnutella the best network. Those bugs/behaviors were told to John Marshall (GnucDNA and Gnucleus dev) and concerned members. The choice of this subforum has been decided for two reasons: 1) it isn't under Morpheus mods control nor any mods beside supermods 2) it concerns GnucDNA. This thread is locked from start to avoid flame wars and trolling. If you have comments, feel free to PM me. If you want to discuss my findings go ahead by creating a new thread in this forum. Remember that what I found was with less than 2 hours of testing, there might be many other bugs in GnucDNA making it not play nice with other clients.

GnucDNA apps mentionned:
Gnucleus (GnucDNA build of november 5th)
Morpheus 4.5 with GnucDNA

Other apps used to make the tests:
Limewire 4.1.8

Good read

First message sent saturday november 6th:
DNA tests and problems

Salut John, did a little testing with two computers connected in a lan with router. Each computer had a LW 4.1.8 UP. I alternated with Phex leaves, Shareaza leaves and Gnucleus (5 nov build) leaves. The different clients had all a different port forwarded by the router to the two computers (no firewall or obstacles on them). The two LW UPs were inter-connected. All nodes had a shared folder containing two files. 1)Gnucleus named ‘gnucleus test programme.exe’ and 2)Phex named ‘phex test programme.exe’

I did searches, downloads attempts from results and from LW style magnets (LW was the downloader with the LW style magnets, but shareaza understands them too)

Here is what looks like a LW magnet that I entered in a web browser: magnet:?xt=urn:sha1:2DCH7OJQJSG7ZONL4EZ66DGC3GIMG4 3B&dn=gnucleus test programme.exe&xs=
You can make your LW magnets automatically with LW by going in Library window, right click on a file and select magnet details of the file. Do not fear to install LW it is spyware free.

First I can get results and downloads from LW and Shareaza on all occasions.
I got results from Phex, but I couldn't dl from results and from magnets. I couldn't download magnets from Gnucleus, the upload window showed a connected then it cancelled the dl when LW requested from a magnet. I had a hard time finding results from gnucleus until I figured that if I searched 'gnucleus' alone I get result and not from composed word searches like 'gnucleus test' or 'gnucleus test programme'. Once I got a result from the 'gnucleus' search, I could dl from it.

So for gnucDNA there seems to be compatibility for magnets requests (probably sha1 requests) and for composed term searches. Note that the 64kb QRP wasn't filled the same between Phex, LW and Gnucleus. Phex was 0.05%, Gnucleus 0.02% and LW was like phex at 0.05%

Phex seems to have an upload problem and I’ll PM GregorK about it. I do care less about Phex because popular shitty apps like Morpheus aren’t using it so the impact is negligeable on Gnet.


Second message sent sunday november 7th:

In conformity with my theory about multi keyword searches (99% of my searches), I got results from Morpheus searching only one term "fringants" a part of a name of a French Québec band very popular here (Les cowboys fringants). I got Morph450 (gnucDNA results. I tried to dl and only got one chunk then the Morph hosts cancelled me (LW asks for 97.7kb chunks if I recall correctly). So yes GnucDNA is a 99% leech right now! Hope you fix those nasty problems in upload logic and QRP.


Third message sent sunday november 7th:

Also, I can get Morpheus results from any type searches in LW but not when I search in the audio - artist category. Other P2P apps like Shareaza, Bearshare and GTK-gnutella are doing fine with those queries. I think GnucDNA should return GPL, that should help bring volunteers to developp it (more Gnucleus users) and kill those stupid shitty apps using it. But maybe that's just me...


Edit: Of course GnucDNA can take (dl) without problems from other clients
Edit2: there seems to be a Gwebcache abuse coming from GnucDNA: they make 33% gwebcaches requests while being less than 10% of clients of Gnet

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