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Lightbulb Setting Up WinXP Pro FireWall;

Note Please....This is For The CD Version Only {No Service Packs Installled}

Well with a new install of WinXP Pro....and one for LimeWire Pro and very little else installed with the operating System,...I proceeded to get LimeWire up and running following a Print Out of the Instructions from the "Can't Get Connected" page.

I followed these instruction to get connected to the letter and still nothing would work....So now I was dumbfounded and kind of getting ticked as I had the Pro Version 4.0.8 and you had my monies.
Well my first experiment with the Firewall Settings proved eventful and successful and I have been up and running smoothly ever since.

I run WindowsXP Pro and was up to the Service Pack2 level when I really ran into difficulties and had to wipe all and start from scratch with the original version CD of WinXP Pro.

In so doing I had to re-install LimeWire and since I was starting afresh....I decided to get the LimeWire Pro Version and support the System as I think it is very well done.

I still am only using the WindowsXP Pro original CD Version with no Service Packs and after several downloads of both
Music and Videos as a Test experiment....All has been running smoothly the way the FireWall has been setup which is kind of contrary to your #18 Rule on the subject page.

I am contemplating not moving farther with the installation of the Service all is running so smoothly at present.If I do I will be following up this Post with any farther development with the Installation as they take place.

From the reprint of your Instruction on the "Can't Get Connected".....I have noted how I have made the changes to your Instructions for my Firewall Settings......Please note!

Go to start -> Control Panel
Open Network Connections.
Right Click on the connection you use to connect to the network
Choose Properties
Go to the Advanced Tab
If your firewalled is Enabled go to step 8
If you want to enable Windows XP firewall check the box (this will enable the "settings" button. If you are not interested in enabling your Windows XP firewall, hit cancel -- LimeWire will not be affected.
Under Windows Firewall Options, Go to the Advanced Tab.
Select internet connection used. (Local area network or the name of your connection)
Hit the Setting Button.
Hit the "Add..." button.
In the description field add "Gnutella"
Set the IP address to ""
Check the TCP Radio button
Set the external and internal ports to 6346
Hit OK
Repeat steps 9 to 13, except this time check the UDP radio button in step 12.
Make sure the list of services has two items listed Gnutella, and make sure they are both checked.
Click Ok
Notation of Correction: I Unchecked the Services Listed items for "Gnutella" from the Installed Services Listing in the FireWall Adavanced Services List.....All commenced to work 100% thereafter..{WindowsXP Pro Cd Version [No Service Packs Instyalled as of yet]

These Setting should remain constant throughout the addition of the Service Pack though and be picked up Ok from hereon in.

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