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Default Newbie's Guide To Writing A Good Thread

Newbie's Guide - How To Write A Good Thread

I’ve been here at the Gnutella Forums for some time now and I am constantly amazed at how many poorly written threads are posted every day. So many people write vague ramblings that just raise five more questions form people just tryig figure out what the person is talking about. I this thread I will tell you several things that you should, and should not do when posting. First of all I should say that chances are that your question has already been answered 20 times before, so please, always use the search function.

It’s All In The Title
One of the most important parts of the thread is it title. Your title needs to be as descriptive as you can make it. Here is an example of a bad title: “need help now plz!!!!” and “I fscked up my computer because I’m a retarded monkey wut should I do”. The best way to get your thread ignored is to give it a stupid title.

What Not To Do

Never come here and ask a question without trying to figure it out on your own. Google is a great place to start trying to solve your problem. The LimeWire website also has a lot of answers.

Never bump your thread every 10 minutes just because someone hasn’t replied yet. We (most of us) don’t work for LimeWire and recieve nothing in exchange for our services, except for that great feeling of helping other people with their problems, of course!

Never use the word “gay” to describe everything. Example:
Title: limewire wont connect
Post: My gay *** limewire wont connect to the gay *** network. Whats goin on. Why is it bein so homosexual. Wut shud I do.

Never insult those who are only trying to help. Flaming others will probably get your thread locked or deleted, you may even be banned from the forums.

Never post in the wrong forum. This should be relatively simple; if you have a connection problem, post in the connection problems forum, if you have an installation problem, post in the Installation Problems forum. The moderators aren’t here to clean up after you, but since they are mostly nice guys they’ll move your post to the correct forum (most of the time). And, believe it or not, but making multiple identical posts in the same forum won’t get you more/faster answers.

Never post questions that have absolutely nothing to do with LimeWire or the Gnutella Network. Example “Hey everyone do you know when the next Brittney Spears record is comeing out? She’s so cute. I like to jump up and down and scream like a little 10 year old girl when I hear her.”

So that’s what not to do. Don’t do it and you won’t have any problems.

What You Should Do
Read the forum rules before posting. Always be as descriptive as you possibly can. Be sure to tell what operating system you are using, what version of LimeWire you have, and in some cases the maker/manufacturer of your computer. Include System details - help us to help you (click on blue link) in the post. Lastly, try your best to use proper grammer, it makes a thread ten times easier to read and understand. If English is not your best language there are multi-lingual users and forums here.

So, that is how to write a good thread. I hope you found it helpful, and I hope that your experience here at the Gnutella Forums, and with LimeWire are very positive. Good luck, and thanks for reading.

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