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There is no way that you can determine if the so-called 'leeches' are doing anything 'bad'...

You cannot know whether or not you are connected to a new user or an old user with a new machine or a 'nice' user who knows that they are going to switch off soon so they disable Uploads temporarily...

The comments re: 'leeches' are almost entirely based on emotions and should not be a part of the p2p community...

Limiting connections with others based on the number and/or overall volume of files shared is stupid...

Sharing too many files at one time slows things down for you enormously...
Allowing others to 'browse' your files can be catastrophic for 56K modem users (In fact they should never allow 'browsing' if they want to preserve at least some of their connection for actual file transfers).

There are many other points that can and should be made about this nonsense over so-called 'leeches'.

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