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Hey, dogbreath !!! <sniff> <sniff>

I am not in any major disagreement with you. Honest !

While I am quite convinced that the following does not apply to you, it must be acknowledged that there are many, many people participating within the Gnutella Network who not only do not actually understand HOW Gnutella Network works, but WHAT Gnutella Network actually is !!!

The answer for you others is simple - - Gnutella Network is US !
NO Central Server.
Just all of us.

The 'leecher' stats are dropping very very fast in Gnutella Network... Amazing really !

My 'case' is a great example of why it is not possible to judge any 'leech factor' regarding any one user of/on the network...

My base sharing files are eBooks... Yup.
Now have a total of @ 7.2 GB of eBooks for sharing... All vetted and clean files.
(This is no big deal... There's a guy in South America with 8.6GB and he is sharing all of them at the same time !!!)
Now, it takes a wee longer to develop an eBook shared library of these sizes than it does to bung 14 .avi files and the 'usual suspects' of music files...

What's the above all about ?
Right now I am sharing exactly 469MB of eBook files...
Makes me look cheap if not some crazy definition of 'leech' !
But, I rotate my shared files so that the total sources out there will grow more rapidly...
There's lots of ways to move a lot of files into the network in relatively short times...
But, as with many other things, you need to 'drive' a p2p client with a fair bit of attention if you are going to get the max benefit from it...
The clients may present themselves as being 'fully automatic' or whatever... They are not if you truly want high-performance sharing...
BOTH ways !

Anyway... I am sure that this is not the last we will be hearing from you here in GF...
Hope not...

hasta luego
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