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Originally posted by zetch1411
share anything you feel like sharing, like music and movies, probably leave out anything else. Create a seperate folder to store the files you want to share. Personally I share all the file types that I use limewire to search for.
Ahem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There ARE other considerations involved in the question...

1. - The comment re: "share anything you feel like sharing, like music and movies..." is WAY off the mark as far as 'good' and general advice'...

2. - Without knowing your actuall connection capacities it is not easy to be specific with a reply...

There is absolutely no need for you to share what you download !
In fact, there are many many logical reasons to NOT share what you download unless it is relatively rare file !

No matter what you are sharing and no matter how much it may be in 'volume', there are sensible words of advice if... IF... you would like to share the 'special' stuff you may have...

Never share ALL that you have unless you have a fairly large upload bandwidth capacity - i.e. a min of '256 up'...

Limit 'Upload Queueing' to never more than 4 U/L slots per '128 up' (and with every doubling of Upload bandwidth capacity I would strongly suggest subtracting 1 slot... Meaning that if you have 128 up and allow 4 slots, than with 256 up you should allow 7 slots maximum and with 512 up allow 10 up slots...

This is not theory or conjecture on my part... It is the result of years of sharing AND monitoring the 'upload performance'...
The big secret is to complete file transfers in the shortest possible time in order to reduce the risks of loss of connection... The only way to share as many of your files as possible in any given period of time is to complete file transfers as quickly as possible... The longer (in 'clock' time) you spend trying to transfer a file, the greater the probability that you are going to lose connections/sources !

The idea that music and video files being used for the bulk of your sharing will somehow benefit you in searching and downloading is fallacious...

The original question here was very ambiguous as the point may have been any where from wondering about how to shift as many upload files as possible to the other side of the issue which is the 'legal' bit, hmmm ?

In addition to the above is the argument re: bandwidth consumed ('taken away' from D/Ls and U/Ls) that refers to allowing 'Browsing' and the simple number of files to share at any one g¡ven time... If you are using a 56K modem connection you must be extremely careful about the number of files shared and browsing and total transfer slots allowed...

I never share more than 500 files at one time... I rotate the groups of files about every two weeks... This process really does increase overall file sources very quickly.

Loads more on this subject !

p.s. As mentioned elsewhere, I share only eBooks... A bit under 8GB of them... With a miserly '128' up (More like 104 in this planet reality) I average 1GB up per 24hrs... That is with
4 Upload Slots
4 Uploads Queued

If I alter either the Up Slots or Up Queued Slots the sharing drops... Drops dramatically !

Think about it all... More is never better !
Learn what you can actually achieve with a given bandwidth and use the numbers you find...
Totally ignore the absurd default settings that are applied in all the clients... The absurdly inflated configurations have far more to do with 'marketing' than they do with personal performance... Gnutella Network is outrageously slow due to inappropriate configuration settings...
And, just because someone may have a large capacity connection does not mean that it makes any sense or is in any way beneficial to the Gnutella community to allow so many slots that they end having a 1MB Upload capacity so stupidly configured to satisfy some 'numbers game' that they end with less allotted bandwidth per transfer than they would have with a single slot up and down using a 56K modem connection...
C'mon... How many of you have seen this same thing - How many times ?

Any of you folks ever had a transfer complete from someone who had you as 197/199 in their Upload Queue ??????

Woof !
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