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When using AOL, sometimes you get kicked off when other people on your account sign on because the network sucks and doens't always check roperly if someone is already on. When this happens, Programs think there's an internet connection there, but the server has stopped responding, so nothing gets through. I regognize this by looking at my sysmon bytes sent/recieved per second rates; when they drop down to almost nothing I'm disconnected, and know it'll take AOL a couple minutes to 'time out' and close my network stuff. So I usually just force-kill AOL and start it again.

The error described above just happened to me today (version 1.11)... The conditions were as such:

AOL closed my connection, so web pages stopped resolving, IRC stopped recieving messages, and XoloX started looking for hosts as it was disconnected from the network. Before killing AOL, I closed down XoloX, and got the error. All registers equaled 00000000. All the times I can think of actually crahsing with XoloX have been when it is disconnected from the network un-gracefully. I'll do some tests later tonight closing AOL, and unplugging from the wall, to see how network termination affects stability. If you don't have dial up, try pulling the plug on your LAN for a similar effect.

Of course, I'm using 1.12 now, which runs with 5 or 6 threads at any given point (only creating two more temporarily when telling it to share the D drive with over 100 folders.) so it may be impossible to re-create the bug now ;-p