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Old November 24th, 2004
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Default @@@ LineWire on a Local Are Network @@@

Hi, i'm at Sheffield University connected to the network, which has many other people connected.
LimeWire will not connect to the network out side the uni but does find a couple of ultra peers who are inside the uni on the network. And after about half an hour of been connected an annoying message keeps comming up that Lime wire cannot connect to the Guntella network, click OK and it pops up again and u can't use limewire.

When i searchbefore the message appears i see many files from users outside the network with slower internet connections but i cannot download them because the Uni's Firewall blocks all incoming ports

What i want to know is, is there a way of configurationg Limewire to only connect to other users on the LAN Network, and not to try and connect to users outside the network.

Thank You
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