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Question Mac OSX Connection Problems Using Limewire Basic 4.2.3

Thought a thread for Mac OSX users would be helpful. No connect-o. I've tried all the fixes mentioned. Downloaded the "purger.jar" and ran it with Limewire shut down. Closed the "tips" and "Connect on startup" commands. It just sits there.

With Limewire Basic on the Mac, there are 5 gradiated bars in the lower lefthand corner (ala cell phone bars) and when I hit the connect command from the menu the lowest bar turns green (the other 4 remain red) and it states that I am "connecting" but never moves on to "connected."

I've shut off my firewalls. My IP has a automatic proxy. Could that be the problem? I am also running "Content Barrier X" which I have set to block all pornography. Is this a problem.

Inquiring minds want to know. (I am rather glad I didn't have to pay for this.)
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