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Default Quite right thoughts...but...

You put it quite nicely, and yes, I have thought about the parameters you talk about. You see, there`s just one slight thing I didn`t mention... My PC is at work, and I leave it on, and on, and on to download, 2 weeks now! I don`t turn it off and since I think power management is pretty useless (all my PCs work full-tim) I don`t use it at all! That means that for the last 16 days, 24 hours a day (par the moments when I turn it off to take my removable with me and the time it updated version) it has been downloading. Or trying to ;-)
I accept the timezone point you make, but I have to explain something more: at this very moment I run XoloX and Morpheus at the same time. Just to check the speeds, I`m doing this for the last 3 days. XoloX reached 3k`s at max (since all the files in its list are way after 95% now) and then dropped it. It keeps searching, and searching, and searching... For Thor`s shake (!), it has 250+ buffered points from witch to start a download and it goes at them 1 at every 5 mins or something (if I really understand how it works..!). It should do some "aggresive" resuming, trying to connect to, say, 10 points at once, if it was trying to complete a file that has passed 95%. It doesn`t really seem to do so...
Anyways, for the record, while XoloX grabs the files at (right now) 0,4k`s per sec (for 1 file), Morpheus just reached 78k`s per sec (for 5 files). I think that now you get my point..!