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It's OK when people don't like Xolox!
I also use FastTrack (Morpheus/Kazaa) time by time. Actually looking forward when it is reverseengineered (giFT), so that someone can build a good Linux client that shares on Gnutella AND FastTrack. Yeah! =)

However Xolox is new and costs no money, wait a while to get the bugs fixed, for sure there are some! If you ever had a bigger programming project in your spare time, you understand that it needs time to code, write docs, fix bugs and help users. I wouldn't say a client sux because it is not perfect yet... when Xolox as your #2 client sux, how do you rate all the others?
I also like Bearshare or Limewire (fine for Linux) or just check Zeropiad Top Rated Clients to try more clients.

CU, Moak

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