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Default Well...

Thanx go out to both Jude (got it right?) and Moak. ("Kalimera" is greek for "Good day" by the way, but it`s allready "apogeyma" -evening- here! So, "kalispera" to all of you...ahem! Got carried away!)

1st to Moak
Look, when I say that "it sucks" I mean that "any program that uses 7 Gigs of my hard drive and yet brings me no files pretty much sucks". If you look at it that way, you may as well stare blankly in the horizon and mumble "man, that sucks big time". XoloX is the best try at a Gnutella client I`ve ever seen, and yes, it is number two in my list. But that is because I still hope that the files will someday finally come to my disk in their full glory. Well...

Jude now...
I`d like you to do as you say. I think that XoloX has great potential to kick the others in the behind, and may eventually become the best sharing ap. The fact though is that I want my files.... whahhhh! Anyways, leave your PC on for 24hours and look at what it`ll bring. Then, if you can, post here a reply stating the ammount of files and the time (days?) you had them qued. And, for Odin`s shake, will somebody finally tell me what ""filestream error --> 1" is?

Thanx and see ya