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<<Which OSX version are you using>>


<<If you can, update your version of Java for that OSX version>>

If it's available through Apple I have it, because my updates are set to autodownload and install.

<<1.5 GB is not a lot of space to work with!>>

True, but my secondary disk, where the download and incompletes go has far more room. Unfortunately, it's too fast to use as the system disk (with a G3 @ 500mhz there is an occasional problem on bootup).

<<Do you have your HDD partitioned. In OSX all applications use Virtual Memory. Which of course means taking up HDD space. So your game would do that & OSX also needs space. In fact I just checked mine & OSX alone is using 1.1 GB VM>>

No partitioning. And agreed the system, and other programs, use HD space, but LW, if run alone, steadily decreases available HD space, as though it's allocating space then neglecting to deallocate it before requesting more. In the previous version this would continue until response became so sluggish I had to cut system power to recover (took at least 24 hours to reach that point). Now, the HD space seems to bottom out at 400 meg in less time, but then stay there. It was there before I let it run and rerun the file verification, and seemed unchanged when I went beck to check. That's not a very scientific study, though, and I wouldn't take any bets on it being accurate.

<<How much ram do you have?>>

640 meg

<<May I ask how many incomplete & shared files you have? You can round it off if you like. Just an approx. but reasonably accurate figure.>>

Incomplete = 6 gig, thirty files.
Shared = 13 gig, 1425 files

<<Do you ever use the Resume function? If yes, do you do it on many files over the period of a day/session?>>

Now and then, but in this case I hadn't used it since I logged on and banged on the Find More Sources function when the list of old searches showed as needing it.

Hope this helps

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