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Bug Report instructions & sample image Is it True/False? If it's false then you may have a firewall of some type that is blocking some of LW's access
I ran the sample and indeed I find a false result for incoming messages. I'll need to do some tinkering there so as not to be a leach.

Did you download LimeWire from If not, you may not have gotten the correct version. If so, something's amiss. Have you you perchance removed a file called "donotremove.htm" in the "C:\Program Files\LimeWire\LimeWire 4.2.6" directory?
Yes I downloaded from And yes I found the file to which you refer("donotremove.htm") which is blank and carries a firefox(my browser) icon. When I double-click this file notepad opens with a blank document.

Now, my monitor window has to windows.incoming searches with a box to check to show searches(I'm assuming these are requests coming from other users?) and uploads . Ironically, at the time of this writing I doublechecked the windows and saw an entry for uploads. It's a file I do have but was interupted by what I don't know.

If those file are actually on the Limewire website I'll dig around for it.

Thank you for the input and if anyone else has any ideas I'd love to hear it.

be well,
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