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Old September 22nd, 2001
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XoloX casues a serious dial up networking probems on my PC running Windows 98 SE, and using a modem. More often than not if I leave XoloX running for a number of hours, my internet connection "dies".

Let me explain:

Sometimes, my PC will remain connected to the net, but my internet connection will by unusable - I can't send or receive any data, not only with XoloX, but with any internet software. If I disconnect from the net, I am able to reconnect and log on as normal, but I still have the same problem. The same applies if I try this a few more times.

Sometimes I have the same problem as above with the only difference being that I actually get disconnected when it occurs.

The only way in which I can restore my intenet access when this problem occurs, is to shut down my computer, and then power up and restart Windows.

NOTE: This is NOT a problem with my ISP but something casued by XoloX, it only ever happens when runnig XoloX.

I have expreienced this problem before on rare occasions before using XoloX, and I think it may have also been casued by using certain software, but forget what program and I was running, and in any case I think the problem only occured rarely.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.