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Old December 31st, 2004
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Default December 31 2004 update

GnucDNA still have many problems.

First with sha1 hashes of mp3 (probably happened because they had metadata)
I made a shared folder with the exact same 3 files:

1) xxxx techno mp3 file

2) xxxx mp3 file

3) Gnucleus programme.exe

I look at QRP on the LW UP (both a Gnucleus and a LW leave were connected to a LW UP)
QRP % of 64KB
0.02% Gnucleus
0.07% Limewire

Is gnucDNA forgetting to make many entries for a keyword so the QRP table is more empty? ie normally "oiseaux" is entered as "oiseaux, oiseau, oisea" in a QRP table in Limewire so if you search for "oiseau" in LW it will find results that are named "oiseaux".

Now for the searches:
GnucDNA results only showed in any type searches for LW.No Music searches results.GnucDNA doesn't show metadata on results in any type of files. GnucDNA doesn't send result to a search "Gnucleus programme" but returns for "gnucleus programme.exe" probably because it needs space to differenciate key words and it doesn't take apart the .exe extension.One amelioration noticeable over is that GnucDNA does seem to respond to searches containing more than one keyword if those word are separated with spaces.

Needs serious work....

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