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Manually searching means to search for the item again. Easy to do if you have autocomplete set on. Else Right-click on the file & set it to search again. There's a no. of reasons you may have lost connection with that source. They might have gon offline, they may have limited upld slots & bandwidth (this applies to all connection types), they may be going thru an isp that filters p2p use to reduce bandwidth use, etc.

To kill the downld I meant to kill it off the download window but reselect it from the search results. That of course if it happens whilst you still have that search result available. Else do a search for the file using LW. If it doesn't continue you can try to kill & reselect it to downld making sure you select the exact same file (same name & size.) Another alternative is to try downlding more than one of that file until one succeeds.

As for the Resume/Find sources button. That's fine if it stops downlding during that session & perhaps stopped b/c your LW was busy or the source became busy, but I don't recommend doing it on too many files. Doing so uses a lot of LW's resources & slows LW down. It may also affect your connection quality & even slow your computer down. Some people open LW, then resume everything, this I would not recommend at all. It has the above effect & results in the files queuing for much longer. In my experience I dont need to search for new sources except for some occasions when LW needs some 'baby-sitting' to get things started. And I only once in a while use the resume/find sources function. But certainly a manual search (searching for the topic again) is the most effective way of finding fresh & new sources. It beats all the others in effectiveness.

At least 2/3 if not 3/4 times I open LW, I can just leave it to itself. I come back an hour later & some files are already downlding perhaps from multiple sources. Here I think it really helps if you have people uploading from you. And I tend to have people uplding from me very soon after I open LW (even before all the shared files & folders have been accounted for by LW; ie: filenames turned to black so they are available for sharing.)
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